What creates a happy doc?

What creates a happy doc? Photo by Sergio Rola / Unsplash   Forgive me.  I'm retooling this site...while helping my father negotiate his way through major abdominal surgery.  So if you see some construction debris around here, don't let it distract you. We're back in the Matrix of our health care [...]

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The deeper currents of motivation

In my last post I talked about motivation, and how finicky it can be when we rely on it to modify our habits. This is the motivation that naturally waxes and wanes, as BJ Fogg describes it.  It can be fleeting, like waves rising and falling in an ocean.  You can surf this motivation wave as [...]

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The path to changing our ways

I've been thinking lately about why we change. What is the most effective approach for people to change their behavior? This question goes to the engine of Conscious Medicine.  This is where the rubber meets the road. A fundamental tenet of Conscious Medicine is that we will not bend the healthcare cost curve down without [...]

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