Enough. "You just felt this huge mass in your belly now?” That’s what I asked my father about six months ago. He called that morning to tell me he was feeling something hard in his belly, and it looked “asymmetric.” I drove over to my parents’ house and examined my dad’s abdomen. [...]

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Join the Health 3.0 Navy

Join the Health 3.0 Navy. The picture above is my own neighborhood. Our home stayed dry, but many of my neighbors weren’t so fortunate. Many have been so generous in donating to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  Your efforts have helped our fellow neighbors start to recover. On behalf [...]

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What creates a happy doc?

What creates a happy doc? Photo by Sergio Rola / Unsplash   Forgive me.  I'm retooling this site...while helping my father negotiate his way through major abdominal surgery.  So if you see some construction debris around here, don't let it distract you. We're back in the Matrix of our health care [...]

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The Sacred Ordinary in Health Care

The Sacred Ordinary in Health Care. Dear Caregivers, This piece isn’t dainty. Because health care is never dainty. In early 2016, my mother was hospitalized for the sudden rupture of an aneurysm in her brain. You can read about an aspect of that experience here. Last week, she came home. Just two days [...]

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Our love for medicine

In 2014 Dr. Daniel Craviotto, an orthopedic surgeon in California, wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that declared his independence from forces that would undermine the sacred patient-doctor relationship.  The piece went viral, with over 1400 comments.  And it helped lead to the formation of Let My Doctor Practice, a movement to provide a [...]

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The path to changing our ways

I've been thinking lately about why we change. What is the most effective approach for people to change their behavior? This question goes to the engine of Conscious Medicine.  This is where the rubber meets the road. A fundamental tenet of Conscious Medicine is that we will not bend the healthcare cost curve down without [...]

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What Mike Tyson can teach us about conscious medicine

Mike Tyson, if nothing else, has led a pretty dramatic life. Growing up an unruly kid on the mean streets of Brooklyn.  Becoming boxing's youngest undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.  Getting shockingly knocked out near the peak of his career.  Serving time in prison for rape.  Biting off a piece of someone's ear in [...]

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